Great Barrier Reef Legacy

Some recent videos from GBR Legacy a not for profit organisation dedicated to preserving the Great Barrier Reef.
Get involed or better still volunteer to help with the World's first live Coral Bank!

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ABC Live

One of the live crosses we did with ABC News

ABC - Coral Sea Live

ABC News - Remote Reef live cross

ABC - Super Corals

Search for the "Super Corals"

Bleached Reefs

Charlie Veron is without question the world's leading authority on Corals having personally documented and named over 20% of the world's corals

Science of Coral Biology

Emma and Sam talk about what they are trying to document with their work on the reef.

The art of Coral Science

Emma and Neil tells us about another reef and another survey. Temperature loggers are a critical part of working out what is going on with temperatures on the reef.

Tydaman Reef

John Rumney tells us what we are doing at this site on the first day. Thanks to Midnight Oil for the use of the music.

Sandbank 7

Dean Miller talks about what the expedition is doing on this reef. Again thanks to Midnight Oil.

Scenic music clip.

A collection of vision from day 4. Thanks to Fingers Cullen for use of the music.

False Killer Whales

Sighting of false killers.

Reef Mapping

Javier tells us what he is doing with the high resolution aerial reef mapping he is conducting.

Reef Mapping

Manu and Monique and Paul talk about underwater reef mapping

Fake Coral?

Emry Turak talks about "fake coral with Zack"


Ultra deep water is dangerous for standard scuba equipment. Thats when we bring in the underwater drone.

Mermaid Reef

Music by Fingers Cullen

Turtle Nesting

Dean and Ian talk about turtle nesting. A once a year event.
  • 39-ABC Radio - New Species
    George Roberts reporting
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    Climate Change resistant Corals
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    Super Corals
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    Super Corals
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  • 24-ABC Digital-
    Major underwater mapping and sampling expedition underway.
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  • 28-ABC Digital-
    Acropora spathulata with eggs
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  • 25-ABC Digital-
    How does a coral lab work while at sea?
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